Sustainability for control and power

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By J.K. Brister

Our elected leaders are either complicit, or willfully ignorant of the ongoing assault on your private property rights, your liberty and your children. Our elected servants are drunk with power and some that have been re-elected are now emboldened to continue the march toward seizing every opportunity to take your land and wealth through taxation and annexation, in the name of sustainability.   

Have you noticed the words "sustainability" or "sustainable development" popping up in the local media, at your grocery store, at government meetings and even by family members in your own home? If you are paying attention, it is coming home with your children as part of their education. Oh it sounds great! The planner's plan, the city council approves beautiful projects, the so-called leaders of the community are going to create jobs and save the city from a slow death and save the county from over population through grand development schemes. Utopia is here!

These leaders wrap their ideas in nice little packages and use phrases like, "Public/Private partnerships" (which is code for government control of property and business, Communism.) "We are working on drainage improvement projects, and adding more greenways, bike, and pedestrian paths to improve livability in our community" (all of which are forced on us by our government), or "we want to enhance the quality of life for farmers, ranchers, forest mangers, workers and society as a whole," or, "we are working to sustain the economic viability of agriculture in our beautiful rural communities."  Some of them just come right out and admit their intentions, like mayor Jo Ann Graves of Gallatin TN, "We need to get you folks out of your cars and into walk-able communities." From this statement I can surmise she believes we humans are killing the planet and we are bad, bad folks who need to be taught how wrong we are for driving our earth killers.

Really pretty statements, non-threatening, notice the key words in these phrases; livability, quality of life, viability, sustained, sustainable and walk-able.

There is nothing wrong with any of this, if private individuals through private investment are doing it. If these private investors want to build walkable communities and take the risk, then so be it. If it fails, they lose their investment and move on; if it succeeds, then they build more at their own expense and we as citizens can make a choice of free will to live in these communities or not. But, what we have here is a public private partnership in which we are all footing the bill and, once we allow it to happen, the government will just continue to throw money at it, as it fails over and over again, and we will be stuck with the bill. 

Sustainable development is nothing more than the re-naming of a failed theory that just won't die in the hearts of progressives. No matter how you look at sustainability, the trail always inevitably leads to one source, global warming.

Even though the radical group of scientists who helped push global warming, then climate change, and now sustainability, have been exposed as frauds, with Al Gore being the most notable face of their deceitful agenda, global warming wacko's just can't accept the facts. 

Even the Godfather of Global warming had to admit, before his death, that he was wrong. James Lovelock, the master to apprentice Al Gore and the man who created the "Gaia theory" {in which the earth operates as a single, living organism}, who's work had a profound impact on the development of the now debunked global warming theory, and after observing that global temperatures since the turn of the millennium, have not gone up in the way computer-based climate models predicted, acknowledged, "the problem is we don't know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago." He goes on to say in his interview on MSNBC, "so-called 'sustainable development' … is meaningless drivel … we rushed into renewable energy without any thought. Our schemes are largely, hopelessly inefficient and unpleasant. I personally can't stand windmills at any price." These are his final words, about Global religionists claiming, "The science is settled" on global warming: "One thing that being a scientist has taught me is that you can never be certain about anything. You never know the truth. You can only approach it and hope to get a bit nearer to it each time. You iterate towards the truth. You don't know it."

So, now we have the truth of the fraud perpetuated on us by science, from the man who invented global warming, we can move on right? Nope. For decades the environmental tree hugger wackos have lost battle after battle, trying to convince us that the ice caps will be gone in 5 years and New York will be under ten feet of ocean by the end of the decade every decade. Polar bears will be extinct, but oops! The ice caps still freeze on both ends and polar bears are thriving. Dr. Drikus Gissing, Director of Wildlife Management in Nunavut, Canada says, "the bear population is not in crisis as people believed," He goes on to say, " the media in southern Canada has led people to believe polar bears are endangered. They are not." He went on to add that; "there are about 15,000 polar bears across Canada's Arctic. That's likely the highest population level there has ever been."  

The scientific community continues to tell us CO2 is causing the earth to warm when actual evidence is to the contrary. By the way, if you didn't learn this in 5th grade science, when you breathe out, that's CO2. Also trees and plants just love the stuff and use it to create oxygen, which I am sure you know already, it is the stuff we breathe.

Why am I telling you all of this you say? Well, because sustainable development is just the newest evolution of global warming hysteria, and your local governments, right now in your back yard, are carrying it out. Of course, it's not being called global warming or Agenda 21. Because of the recent exposure of this U.N. plan, numbers of local governments have backed out of the groups pushing these utopian projects, but our local, county, and state governments have not stopped implementing the plan. NGO's (Non-governmental organizations) like Cumberland Region Tomorrow and Power of TN are just two of the groups you must pay attention to. These organizations are made up of your mayors, city councils, county commissioners, city planners, Chambers of Commerce and regional planners, all the way up to the Governor's office and, from there, all the way to the Whitehouse. These organizations are operating as a shadow government, where elected officials and bureaucrats who do not live in your county or city are being given a say in how your county or city is run and developed.     

Sustainable development has nothing to do with preserving the environment; it has everything to do with power and governmental control. Whoever controls land and water resources controls all the wealth and who is wealthy. In America, we hold private property rights up as one of the symbols of why our nation is the greatest power on earth, because the people, not the government, own the majority of property. This is a huge problem for progressives, and they have figured out that if they can convince Americans that we are world citizens, not individual Americans, and individually we are weak, but together as a collective we are strong, we will buy into their communistic philosophy under the guise of environmental, financial, collective patriotism.

In a lot of ways government ownership of all land has been in place for decades. We all say we own our land, but do we? Try not paying your property tax and see what happens. No, they already have us. By us allowing our local and county governments to tax our property in the name of the "children", we are doing nothing more than leasing what we call our property from the government. Like an over bearing landlord, we receive our bill every year and, if not paid, we will be evicted like some squatter.

You will continue to hear the cries of fairness and equality from progressive socialists. You will be called hateful, and it will be said that you just don't understand what we are trying to do for you. You will hear your politicians say, we must come together to accomplish our goals and move our city forward. Watch for the words progress, progressive, and forward.

Both Democrats and Republicans will use them. These are code words of progressivism (Communism). Democrats know what they mean, Republicans, at least most of them, will use them because they don't know any better, but still buy into the concepts of sustainability for a multitude of reasons, most of which are not sinister in themselves, but still are a major threat to your property rights and your individual power over your government.

Both camps are coming after your property, your life and your children, wake up!

Do your own research. Look up sustainable development, research and follow the trail of links that lead right to Federal control of your cities, towns, and counties and, ultimately, global control through the U.N.Council. This plan may not be complete in our lifetime, but we must fight it now in the beginning stages so our children will not have to.